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The Night Two Lovers Leapt

By Frogg Corpse

PROMPT — If only ...

In the last warmth of autumns hold

Gripping damp November cold

Protection from this fear

While stripped from comfort clothes.

Leering in the dark

Sweat, rinsing palms,

Moving through words once smooth

Lost along ambiguous thought

An arid sugared spice

Mulling on the mind

Humming a little tune

While staring into night

Sorrows shedding leaves

By the limbering of the pines

Near the douglas keeping watch

At the site where windows cry

Under pattered raining roof,

Sounding querent from broken breast

The heart once beat its truth

The night two lovers leapt.


Frogg Corpse is a poet from Louisville, Kentucky. Frogg has had work published by Cajun Mutt Press, Artifact Nouveau, Necro Mag, The Woody Creeker, Louisville's LEO Weekly, Written Tales Magazine, and Red Penguin Publishing. In 2020, Frogg did a poetry slam hosted by Spoken word artist Suli Breaks. Frogg writes from Louisville, Kentucky.


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