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The Reason for Vases

By Ellen A. Grazioso

PROMPT — I will not rest until ...

Unwanted flowers

rejected by wholesalers

and florists alike...

less fortunate blossoms

with fewer petals or bent stems,

their glorious colors fading.

Most will lie in bleak alleyways

to wither in cruelest elements.

But for some, merciful shelter,

their value avowed.

They're welcomed at supermarkets,

boutiques, bakeries, roadsides,

gas stations.

Humanity is a diverse bouquet.

The less fortunate are no less worthy,

no less beautiful.


Ellen A. Grazioso teaches literature at a public high school. She was a professional folksinger in her younger years, but is currently content to record original lyrics. A passion for folk music with its storytelling character has influenced her poetic style. Her publications in poetry include The Paterson Literary Review, The Raven Review, Red Flag Poetry, The Voices Project, and Madness Muse Magazine. Ellen writes from Bayonne, New Jersey.


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