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The Setting Sun

By Rupsingh Bhandari

PROMPT—I am grateful for ...

Swaddling by the day’s story

Sun seems writing the conclusion

Bottom of the day with golden pen.

As the tired grandparent sun tucks ways silently

On the same horizon seems smoking loneliness

Painting the sky with its rainbows

Splashes colors and reteach the

The art of dying.

Cold breezes inaugurate their evening rally

Shadows gather to incubate night

The sun withdraws its light

Blankets himself and sinks beyond the skylines

As the homeless begging monk: without any address

Birds and animals reconfirm their

Night to sleep … without any burdens


Humans return home

With the trails of problems

Their sun never set … mysteriously.


Rupsingh Bhandari is a poet and social activist from the Karnali province of Nepal. He has completed his M.Ed, M.A, and M.Phil. degrees in English from Tribhuvan University. He is a writer who writes in English, Nepali and Hindi. Rupsingh has published several poems, articles, short stories, as well as translated poems and stories. He is the author of the Conscience’s Quantum (2019) poetry book. He served as editor of the International Anthology of Pandemic Poetry 2020. His creations are world widely anthologized and published. He is a founder of Words Highway International (Writers Association). Rupsingh does painting and music and loves to travel.


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