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By Jennifer Trieckel

PROMPT — The way I see it ...

The stillness of the day

Bright and clean

Full of possibilities

And opportunities

Ignored and broken

by a cacophony of voices

and high-pitched summons

Chaotic demands

with a semblance of order

Dinging of devices

alerting to needs

Hurried responses

to pacify patrons

Demanding attention

For petty desires

Some an appetence

For vis-à-vis

Others, accouterments

Or sustenance

All requiring contrivance

Of those in service.

The result:

Social exhaustion

For those assisting


emotional depletion

To return home

And do it all again



Jennifer Trieckel spent her childhood in northern Canada, often found buried in a book unless banished outside. Learning that being an author was a valid profession and being told by a teacher that she had the potential, her life underwent a significant transformation. Now, embracing her passion, she writes among the stars in Avondale, Arizona.


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