Lost Child

By Angella Lee

PROMPT — No one noticed ...

The shock of adolescence is a specter to this day:

a body distorted to gangly limbs and teeth between

babies, loss and braces; the self-consciousness of

meta, meta cognition so raw that it hurts to witness.

That narrow space between child and innately fallen

womanhood is captured in an innocent anguish,

no words or affect to capture this life stage moment,

and I have been frozen in this stage for decades

when the shock preserved my memory. I carry this

lost child on my shoulders, invisible and heavy,

and no one noticed.

Angella Lee has her Bachelor’s from Boston University and Master's from University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. She is the Director of Social Media at Suffolk University’s Center For Women’s Health and Human Rights’ Women’s Writing Circle and the Journal of Expressive Writing (this journal!). She loves contemporary poetry, moral philosophy, non-fiction bestsellers, and jogging in nature.