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By Ojo Olumide Emmanuel

PROMPT — If only ...

i remember you today;

i pour out a spoonful of ice-cream on the ground for you.

you're not dead but each time i'm reminded of you

i feel like feeding the ground every sweet thing i have made in my heart for you.

yesterday, i made cookies.

i looked around if i will find your mouth to slide it in.

your kisses are like the curtains revealing the beauty of paradise.

i have fed you twice in my poems & each ended with a kiss.

this poem ends with a kiss.

after you left; i didn't take it for dying.

i woke up today &

i spread my bedsheet on the floor.

there's a place i wrote how my love hangs a necklace on the moon.

i wrote "i love you to the moon."

i put some water on the kettle.

after steaming, i poured in on the bedsheet.

i wanted to sleep alone.

your name on my bed wakes me up every midnight for a conversation.

the language of the midnight is quite cryptic.

i touched my heart most time to be sure there's still a place where love can be hanged.

i found my heart brimming with songs of the sea.

i remember you today like the day i opened my mouth to spell "love in your ears" & all that came out were butterflies.

i saw the smiles on your face at that moment like the wind caressing a field of lilies. your smiles caressed my heart like a mother running her soft hands on the bums of her baby to cream his body.

this poem is not a love poem.

a love poem is like honey conjugal-blessing two pairs of cookies.

a broken poem is like a strain. you holla & holla and then quietude wears you in.


Ojo Olumide Emmanuel is a Nigerian Poet and Book Editor. He is the author of the Poetry Chapbook "Supplication for Years in Sands" (PolarsphereBooks, 2021). He lives in Minna (Nigeria).


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