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“We The People”

By Abigail Flores

PROMPT — I will not rest until ...

Rain is eternal till I look at the trees.

ingrained with auburn cracks,

Their tips nurse gentle armies

Of green.

Rooted with time,

and veins that sway the sky,

I pray to go back-

But every school makes me

Bleed white.

And here,

They axe away

My peculiar tongue until

“We The People”

Assimilate as one.

I can’t run to mother


She’s blind from the sun

And me, the nopal,

That's ever so


Forced to thrive,

I’m a tree in disguise.

A caterpillar in apple eyes.

sunshine, sunshine,

I’ll mulch the soil in time,



Until I fulfill

A first generation



Abigail Flores is a first-generation student at Colorado State University. Majoring in journalism and media communications, Flores enjoys writing and storytelling. She writes from Castle Rock, Colorado.


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