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After the Interview

By John D Robinson

PROMPT — No one noticed ...

After reading the interview

she said to me: ‘You sound

so bitter, mean about people’

‘I am’ I said ‘disappointed

may have been better’ I


‘Maybe’ she said:

‘I did say that I love

Humanity but struggle

with people, there’s a

big difference between

the two’ I said:

‘But you said that you’ve

got no time for people

but you’re writing to

others all the time’ she said:

‘Yes, to poets and artists,

publishers, editors,

and rouges and other

criminals’ I said, grinning:

‘You talk too much

bullshit’ she said and

then went to bed: I

quietly drained my glass

and stroked Marley

before I went outside to

smoke a smiling cigarette

in the beautiful cold air of

January, who whispered to

me kindly.


John D Robinson is a UK based poet. Hundreds of his poems have appeared online and in print. John has published several chapbooks and five full collections. His latest publication is 'Always More' 'New & Selected Poems' published by Horror Sleaze Trash: USA.


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