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As Resilient as King Edward Daffodils

By Rose Loving

PROMPT — Who am I today?


I am as resilient

as the King Edward daffodils

Last week they ended

a long period of withdrawal

and courageously unfolded

A week of snow days passed

at the end of April

Their faces now pushed to the ground

humbled with dirt stained cheeks

No tears to be found

Just a few drops of glistening rain

But they will surely rise again

Looking up to the same wide sky

that beckons us every sunny day

Gathering that earthbound wisdom

And core strength

To stand up once again

Like a flag rising up the pole

To announce our victory


Rose Loving moved to Vermont 47 years ago in 1973 and immediately knew it was home. She graduated from Johnson State College, where she found a passion for ceramics. Soon after, she worked as a public school teacher in rural Vermont. When clay was not available to her, she took up a self-invented, experimental watercolor process, painting ethereal mono-prints. Eventually, she brought this process into Vermont schools, teaching it to students as an artist-in-residence. For 22 years, Rose has put hands to ground to manage a gardening business with private clients. She is also a certified Kripalu yoga teacher, teaching until three years ago when she directed her attention to caring for her mom. Rose has always journaled. Recently she enjoys creative writing and poetry. She has steadily participated in writing workshops with Joni Cole at The Writer’s Center and continues to write from her vantage point on the hilltop in Tunbridge.


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