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Bee–stingly sister

By Oksana Mauricio

PROMPT — Who am I today?

when melancholic sounds of quiet tears

fell one by one —

like salty ocean seas

a fragrance of mist traveling my nostrils

deepening inside my nose hairs

smooth and turbulent at the same time

it started with an evil look.

how could a far away sister

in its carnality have such magical

powers to enter my dreams and curve

dark spells with her Chinese eyes

truth is that siblings' fights and arguments are endless —

those times when words aren’t crossed

and body language stands out as she stood perplexed with

hands propped in her wide African hips

taking up the room’s light energy

with sucked honeyed lips

I turned into the bee version

desiring to sting her for interrupting

my Niece and I's conversation

she was not invited

and for that sin, she hasn’t forgiven me

always her weapon of retaliation

more gossip traveling Portugal

whispering lies at my mother’s ears

then to defend her youngest

Momma tranquilized my Sister

by whispering back: She was actually on your side.


Oksana N. Mauricio was born in Angola, Africa. She is a writer, educator, singer, and songwriter. Oksana’s poetry has been published in the Journal of Expressive Writing, Moonstone Arts Center, and as part of the International Women’s day Anthology. She enjoys nature walks, reading, basketball, playing guitar, and skateboarding. She writes from Los Angeles, CA.


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