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Blood Red Moon

By Birdman313

PROMPT—During Covid-19 ...

The night is young and the spirits become restless.

Listen to the wind as it dances through the trees as

night creatures begin to awaken.

The moon in the dark sky slowly turns to crimson red.

A lunar eclipse occurs 2-4 times a year, but the blood moon

is more rare as its radiance shines brightly.

The sky seems like an empty grave as the stars seem to be

orphaned as they hide from open view.

Throughout time and the ages the appearance of the blood

moon has been the source of many myths, folklore, and prophecies.

For Christians, it meant that God was unhappy and some believed

it was a sign of the end of times.

For many ancient civilizations, the blood moon came with evil intentions

and symbolized blood shed and the need for healing.

Regardless of your beliefs, it is often wise to pay attention

to nature as it often gives us many signs large and small that

have a direct effect on our lives.

If only we could become more alert and more astute to the signs

and their meanings, we might be able to avert sadness and

have a more positive outcome in our lives.


Birdman313 is originally from Benton Harbor, Michigan and a graduate of John Wesley College with a B.A. in Social Science, an AA in networking admin from ITT-Tech, and a computer tech certificate from JTI. He has been writing poetry for the past 40 years and has 10 published poetry books, four published poetry chap books, and has been published in several journals and newspapers. Birdman313 has several Editor’s Choice Awards and one International award for his poetry. He has been a guest on several blog talk shows, ZOOM, and SKYPE open mic readings. He was presented a plaque for the poem “She” along with a gold medallion, and a pendant. His Video "Forgotten Time" won first place in The Light Poetic Ministry Poetry Video Contest, his poem and video, "A Thousand Miles from NoWhere" was featured on Coffee Wine & Words on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. He writes from Houston, Texas. Learn more at: YouTube and Twitter


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