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Fortress of Light

By Aimee Harper

PROMPT—During Covid-19 ...

Even amidst this global pandemic, miracles continue to happen in the fortress of light. It is easy to stare at the way evil attacks …and hard to drag one’s massacred focus back into the light ~ It is easy to stare with negativity’s bias and forget the equanimous gaze of divinity’s justice ~ It is easy to be crushed under tsunami cyclone avalanching life kicking your ass ….and hard to break it down into breath 6 sides in and out with Viktor Frankl’s pause between where we source our finest power and choose how we respond to life instead of living enslaved to the trigger landmine reacting at life like some shooter annihilating every passerby of our raw unhealed feelings ~ It is easy to notice cruelty everywhere …and hard to drag one’s attention out of the trenches and notice kindness like salvation’s nectar untouched by the cesspool of meanness everywhere ~ It is easy to hate the blustery loud dirty vexatious wind blowing your last moored nerve around like a dead leaf blistered by the wind …and it is hard to soften one’s perception wide enough to take in the peripheral hint of heaven everywhere these feet touch upon the earth ~ It is easy to remember the voice of rage and shame and persecution …and hard to find the place of holy embodied grace touched by whispers of kindness compassion and merciful praise ~ It is so easy to not ever let the love of a 2-legged near …and it is hard to let humans be broken and worthy of loving ~ It is so easy to look and see all that is missing and longed for …and it is hard to take in the enoughness right here ~ It is easy to hand fear the reins to ride your brain …and it is so hard to be full of faith in the most afraid places ~ It is easy to hand our worth to others …and hard in the face of sharp tongues bitter judgment to say ‘nope, my worth ain’t yours to define’ ~ It is easy to stay with the predictable box of the familiar patterned poison of blood betrayal ….and it is hard to die the necessary deaths and enter the terrifying transformative goo of growing one’s wings ~ It is easy to let life callous you cruel …and it is hard to stay the tender of valor and the sacred of soft between the seams of horror and slavery ~ It is easy to let hate take over …and it is hard to surrender and trust Love is the way of the warrior that conquers every battle and wins every war in a time and a way not of our creation ~ It is so easy to compare your strong to my weak and your mosaic to my blood driven shards …and it is hard to remember we are all just missing different pieces and filled with different parts ~ It is easy to talk and say nothing …and it is hard to say nothing that says everything especially ‘Thank You’ ~ It is easy to stare into a friendless room and sometimes hard to remember the dialogue always waiting with the holy invisible watcher ~ Life is plain ol’ hard and easy and full of miracles happening in this here fortress of light amidst a global pandemic. We are dragging our massacred focus staring down evil and welcoming her back into the light.


Aimee Harper has found survival on the blank page of her journal from the time she was 7 years old. Her pen the vessel where her voice of truth flows fearless and free without apology. She resides in Fair Oaks, CA with her beloved standard poodles.


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