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General Corona Appears in a Vision

By Jake Cosmos Aller

PROMPT—During Covid-19 ...

One day I was half napping Watching the President drone on About him being a war time president battling an invisible army

I beheld a vision of great terror I saw a huge black General General Corona himself Dressed in star wars imperial black storm trooper robocop uniform

Riding a black horse The black horseman From revelations Live and in living color

And he took off his helmet And turned to me

He screamed

Death to all humans

Addressing his invisible army

Newly visible to me

Millions of virus bots

In imperial storm trooper uniforms

Carrying imperial ray gun weapons

The virus bot army

Joined in the battle cry

Death to all humans

Death to all humans

All humans must die

I woke up

And turned off the TV

And went for a walk

To clear my head

Of this vision

Of General Corona


Jake Cosmos Aller is a retired U.S. diplomat, having served 27 years with the State Department in over ten countries. Jake grew up in Berkeley, California, served in the Peace Corps in Korea, and taught ESL overseas for five years.


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