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I’m here

By William Odell

PROMPT—No one noticed ...

Vanquished to the elements again. Your bellowing embers glow bright and travel afar, crackling like a blistering bonfire in a stiff autumn breeze. Your roaring hearth kindled and nourished and fueled by willing slight ignites the still slumbered dawn, awakened by your emphatic message cast from your soapbox like a stubborn politician. With the breath of your message hostile echoes sprout from the charred aural acreage, their souls callous and seeded by their commitment to silence. But your replication is adhered to, as relentless as the wind, drying out the harsh landscape feeding the enemies’ spore…I hear you.

Vanquished to the elements again. The glass aperture alludes your aggressive deportment, hidden, your valiance. You pose like a restrained Roman soldier ready for battle, stretching the steel linkage as taut as your intentions, contesting, the hindrance towards your flurries of rage. Under the magnificent oak; its limbs naked in season betray you of shelter, but your warmth brews from passion, boiling your blood like a raging sea in a storm of confusion, you race, you dart, you dance not for form…frenetic…I see you.

Vanquished to the elements again. Apathy looms in the forefront of my reflective perception as I indict your guardian, proving them as guilty as a convicts’ confession. For this warrants punishment for fault is not yours…it’s your curator; dodging my spotlight as bright as the noon sun holding fast once found. The blinding light basks on their uncaring souls as the punishment is read, revealing missed devotion the cost, to be collected by a soul as caring as I. My inner wealth pays a price, suffering a void in routine, by your silenced voice of gold…it’s more than okay…knowing, our concerted flight set you free…I feel you.


William Odell is engrossed in feeding the masses with fiction, poetry and commentary while residing in Upstate South Carolina with his wife, working towards retirement. He looks forward to enjoying the Golden Years and taking advantage of what life has left to offer. William is influenced by nature, dreams, animals, and quite honestly, anything that gets his creative juices flowing. His writing has appeared in Literary Heist Magazine.


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