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Just Like You Taught Me, Mom

By Jackie Jones

PROMPT — During COVID-19 ...

I watch my children fall deeper into a depression I cannot reach into. They disappear into their imaginary world of Snap Chat, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Playstation. They select random entertainment from Disney+ and Hulu. When I unplug them they cry out, “Is it the end of the world?” 

Not knowing what to tell them, I plug them back in and spray the last fumes from my Lysol can and wonder where can I buy another?

I open the window, the window for fresh air, that what my mother taught me to do. My daughter closes it behind me and states, “COVID is airborne—don’t let it in."

My son shouts out to me, “Come get this modem out of my room. Corona comes from 5G.”

What can I say when the ATT Mobile commercials have the hot pinkish/purple 5G streaming through the world, a visualization of the invisible virus I’m trying to keep out of my home?

During this COVID-19 global pandemic…I’m spring cleaning.

“Just like you taught me, Mom.”

I whisper to her memory, “Thank God you passed away before you saw this insanity!


Jackie Jones, mother of 3 kids serves on the Cambridge Transit Committee, as well as The Commission for Persons with Disabilities Advisory Board. Jackie won a mini-grant from the Cambridge Public Health Department to address isolation and loneliness with the Cambridge Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center. She loves keeping her kids involved in the community.


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