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Liberate Minnesota!

By Christian Garduno

PROMPT—During Covid-19 ...

Kyle needs a haircut

Honey, does this AR-15 go with my camo top?

Boogie on down to the Capitol Building

a little off the sides, a little off the top

Profit over parity

no repercussions for the bad cop

Stars & Bars, SS, and Swastikas flying

Fine people on both sides

Martin L King & Rodney King

Watts & L.A. like we didn’t learn a thing

He could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue

and you know the rest of the story

The only good Democrat is…

you know the rest of the story

Disturbance, uprising

underserved, underprivileged

rebellion, riot

disadvantaged, at-risk youth

eruption, melee

Gas the THUGS, jail the journalists

you loot, we shoot

Law & Order

and a yuge Wall along the Southern border

Good cops stand idly by

bad cops act out with complete impunity

study the look on his face

the Chauvinist has gotten away with something like this before

Send in the tanks, send in the Marines

bring ‘em all out in body-bags

This is all the fault of the Lugenpresse

getting flagged on Twitter, Number One on Facebook

The Governor of Michigan should give a little

The very weak Radical Left MPLS Mayor needs to get his act together

Karen needs to trim her bob

bad cop gets to keep his steady job

It’s an American Chernobyl

and it’s fixin’ to explode

American Chernobyl

gonna blow


Christian Garduno edited the compilation Evolver and his own solo poetry collection Face, while a History undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley. He can be read in over 35 literary magazines. He writes in South Texas.


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