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By Pooja Sinha

PROMPT—Privilege ...

When I look in the mirror

I see that young girl

Acting in her favorite green dress

In a theater production in School.

She had blushed crimson

On seeing her parents

Sitting and applauding her efforts.

When I look in the mirror

I see a girl of five

Confidently answering a TV Host.

She couldn’t answer the question

But her 100- Watt smile never faltered

Her parents had told her being selected

Was itself a reward.

When I look in the mirror

I see that high school girl

Proudly wear an oxygen tank &

A life jacket & confidently

walking down a ladder to do the “Under Sea Walk”

She never learnt how to swim

But she never let that be a deterrent.

When I look in the mirror

I see that determined woman

Who never let bullies stop,

Her from getting what she wanted

She always listened to her instincts

Let experiences shape her up

Good, bad or ugly-from each she learnt.

When I look in the mirror

I see that shy but confident girl

Place her hand trustingly into her husband’s hand.

They repeated their sacred marriage vows and

They loved, danced, cared, fought and traveled

The rest they say was history

The beginning so to speak.

When I look in the mirror I see the day

I conceived my bundle of joy

He grabbed not just my finger but stole my heart forevermore.

He brought so much happiness and tender love

He grew before my eyes, each moment a cherished memory.

I wanted time to stand still

But it sped by in minutes, hours, months and years.

When I look in the mirror

I see my bundle of joy all grown up

Soon to leave my nest and

Spread his wings

He’s the light & love and everything in between

He completes us

He added another dimension altogether.

When I look in the mirror

I see the daughter, sister, wife, mother, teacher, mentor, friend

One woman and so many roles,

I am grateful for each person in my life

I am grateful for the experiences that shaped me

Molding and helping me become

Who I was destined to be…


Pooja Sinha is a content creator, poet, writer and blogger. She lives in Jamshedpur, India. Her formative years were in both Hong Kong & New Delhi. Her poetry & articles have been published in INKochi Magazine. She has been an active writer for several years. Her writing oscillates between poetry and prose.


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