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Moments in a Dream

By Birdman313

PROMPT — Joy is ...

Miracles fall like raindrops from the heavens on this dry thirsty land.

You awaken in the morning after finally getting a decent night’s sleep.

You had a dream that couldn't be remembered on a road of uneasiness.

There was a voice that spoke out about being unable to apologize for not remembering.

What crossed your mind in your sleep during the night in the quiet moments?

You will now travel a journey without knowing the distance or being familiar with what is about to form.

Then you awaken with an unusually clear mind, feeling like a voice was speaking directly to you.

It can be amazing, but as you look around, you realize no one is standing near.

The sheets are soaked with sweat.

The pillowcase is soaked with tears.

The room begins to spin, then stops.

You lay back down trying to go back to sleep to catch up with the dream so you can remember what transpired and what is roaming through your mind.

The sooner you lay back down, the sooner you may be able to capture that thought and dream.

Now the words and visions that keep coming back are meaningless.

The truth will always outweigh the reasoning, whether or not you agree or like the outcome.

So, do anything you chose to do.

Let your mind run rampart.

“Nothing that is real can be threatened.” and ”Nothing that is unreal exists.”


Birdman313, originally from Benton Harbor, Michigan, is a graduate of John Wesley College (B.A. in Social Science), ITT-Tech (an AA in networking admin), and JTI (computer tech certificate). Birdman313 has been writing poetry for the past 40 years. He has 11 published poetry books and 4 published poetry chap books, and has been published in several journals and newspapers. Birdman313 has several Editor’s Choice Awards and one International award for his poetry. He has been a guest on several blog talk shows, ZOOM, and SKYPE open mic readings. He was presented a plaque for the poem, “She” along with a gold medallion and a pendant. His Video "Forgotten Time" won first place in The Light Poetic Ministry Poetry Video Contest, his poems and videos, "A Thousand Miles from NoWhere," "Moments in a Dream," "A Day in the Forest," and "The Waves of Emotion" were featured on Coffee Wine & Words on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, Google, and Anchor. He writes from Houston,TX. More about Birdman313 at:


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