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My Wife Died

By Dane Ince

PROMPT—During Covid-19 ...

During Covid 19

My wife died

Cats sat on my lap


I went to AA in Australia

I read poetry in Berlin

I made art

I ate art

I listened to

Slack key guitar

Ravi Shankar

Tragic Tango

I ate a piece of David Bowie pie for comfort

I cried and cried and cried

All the dying beatings protest

I learned new language

Learned new words

I learned how to use pandemic in a sentence

I fucked my dead wife under a tree

I woke up from a nightmare to terror

Tragically ever after

A Christmas gift just for me

Having never left my office chair for this odyssey

I am grateful for the dimmer switch


Dane Ince has written most of his life in small and quite ways. First published in 1970, he is finally emerging as a poet. The author traveled from his place of birth in Texas to Berkeley, California to study art. He resides sheltering in place in San Francisco, CA.


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