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My Young Nephew


PROMPT—During Covid-19 ...

Having been privileged to receive and finish education years before the pandemic, I sometimes worry for my young nephew. He was still in the early years of schooling when this forced mass digital shift happened.

He lacked interest in school and studying (as like most children) and was more into playing games and watching online video streams. His hands had mastered the art of mobile gaming, as opposed to using a pencil to write and draw or using a pair of scissors with ease.

Learning in the traditional setting was already a challenge both for educators and students even before the pandemic. With the current situation of things, I worry that his academic learning will be compromised and that in the long run, it would affect his personal growth and limit his overall options in the future when he becomes an adult.

Who to blame for this worry is not important. What matters is finding a solution to this not so far-off future concern. Today's children will soon become the adults who will take over our place in this world.


REN is just another introvert who writes what she can't say from Manila, Philippines. Twitter: @PHOENIX_118


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