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By N.T. Chambers

PROMPT—No one noticed ...

He knew her before she was born

in a way that drowning men know the sea -

flailing without hope

surrendering without pain

clinging to an image of life

not yet lost, not yet abandoned –

just fearfully incomplete

while grasping at all the possibilities.

There she was before him

lightly tanned in semi-tough cutoffs

oversized tee shirt gently

caressing her in the breeze

her finely crafted fingers

cradling tinier ones in either hand –

miniatures of redundant perfection

babbling in the joyous, golden

discoveries of their youth

with her thankful adoration.

He wistfully sighs while

taking in this human coast

aware his eyes view this tableau better

than any camera could ever hope.

Not wishing to disturb the moment

he stands

apart, alone, aching

to say something – anything

to make a difference

to be noticed

to merely have her smile - just once…

The other dream, he knows,

is far too lofty, too late, too lost

even to be considered –

but still he watches

heart beating slightly faster

as they approach and pass –

her eyes warily meeting his


at first glance –

then, noticing no life preserver

close at hand,

she smiles at him instead-

knowing his look

his hope

his heart

from some distant time and land

before she knew her breath.


N.T. Chambers is a native Chicagoan now living in the high desert of Arizona. The poet has led an interesting life on the way to becoming a writer. Among many jobs he has held are: cab driver, bus mechanic, sales drone, pizza deliverer, wine merchant, improv actor, editor, educator, professional counselor, and, of course, every writer's "go to" job - bartender. Every position has helped to stockpile a wealth of experiences from which to cull ideas and characters for poems, stories, and photography. N.T. writes from Vail, AZ.


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