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Phantom Writer

By Nicole Menzzasalma

PROMPT — Who am I today?

She seems stressed of all things

Fragile and shrewd

she says she loves me

dramatic hands

pushes my chest

she’s the only one that makes me sing

soul hypnotic

my mind is bathed as

her possession hers she claims

the stress is astounding

she’s the only one what makes me sing

I wrote my only words for her

exist through my name, call it to verify fate

recognize her eyes are my cult

built up walls inside of me

she is something in me

I despise

she sees dressing over me

stretched across the unobtainable

writing words only for me

and she makes me sick

my everything

unrequited sonnet

one more line of reason

and she makes me sing

I’ve made her this part of me

phantom writer created

my words

she’s the only one that makes me sin


Nicole Menzzasalma, from Long beach, New York, is a Mother of two boys, Youth Services Librarian, Yogi, and finally Poet! A wearer of many different hats, Nicole holds a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing and recently completed her Master's Degree in Library and Information Studies. Right now she is working on her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification. After writing privately for over 30 years, she's excited and nervous to be debuting her work.


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