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Some Days

By Abha Das Sarma

PROMPT—Despite ...

I ache, for voices—

Angry, academic, anguished

To drown in, to hear myself

Some days, I ache—

For age, that I could reverse

To see myself, better

Some days, I want to live—

Beyond the impossible

Just so I can

Reprieve myself, of sins, I did not mean

Some days— The sun casts shadows, of moving leaves

Opposite my window, so

I ache, just some days.


An engineer and management consultant by profession, Abha Das Sarma lives in Bangalore, India. Her poems have appeared in Muddy River Poetry Review, Spillwords, Journal of Expressive writing, Verse-Virtual, and elsewhere. She also enjoys writing Haikus and has contributed to weekly postings of Haiku in Action.


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