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By Abha Das Sarma

PROMPT—During Covid-19 ...

She had waited for this very moment

Rising heartbeat and racing expectation

Now would be, the end

Of obscured nights, wet pillows

And lives split,

It neared, circling endlessly

Or so it seemed, the final struggle

And then-

A Thud, sudden cries

All sounds numbed, all still, like

The fan continuing to run

In a room, emptied long before,

The split, now made permanent

Faith transformed, a wait that would not end

Ever again-

As I watched, from the corner of my eye

For her to move, I could find, on her cheek

A tear, that had dried.


Abha Das Sarma is an Indian writer with a blog of over 200 poems. An engineer and management consultant by profession, she is passionate about writing. Her poems have appeared in the Spring 2020 Issue of Muddy River Poetry Review. Having spent her growing up years in small towns of northern India, currently she lives in Bangalore with her scientist husband.


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