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Swim in New Water

By Sha Huang

PROMPT — Who am I today?

In charge of my inner room

In charge of no others

Exchange our colors

your purple, my blue

Recharge myself with more colors

Today black, tomorrow gold

Recharge with little

new hobbies new people, new connections

New wounds

Reinvent me


Reincarnate out of my skin

Shed layers of skins

Shed memory

Swim in new water

Keep swimming

Keep swallowing, absorbing

Keep leaving myself behind


Sha Huang grew up in China and received her PhD degree in the University of Iowa. Her poems were published in 16 literary journals and anthologies in China and the U.S, including Verse-Virtual, Trouvaille Review, Global Poemic, and Chinese and Western Poetry (中西诗歌). She currently teaches at a university in the U.S. and lives in the state of Georgia.


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