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That is My Name

By Nika Mavrody

PROMPT — Who am I today?

No one knows where or why, only that it has me as one, or rather more, but that is much too less, because I did not have what I needed, which was the proving of hearse. I don't have a house, or a car, or even the wardrobe we used to walk for, only a pear or a peer in the morning, which means you. Why have is my thicket, and not the one he promised, that's my shame, and yours is that we said it wasn't, or what? To waste a call is to be alone, and there's only one way to say, yes that is my name, and you will not call it forth. To plead, or to plait, that horn is for my work, and they say "be fine," and everyone wants to be, and I will say "how," because it's not like me to be a hypo-maniac.


Nika Mavrody is a writer in Chicago.


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