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The Human Race is Fragile

By Lancy Lee

PROMPT — During COVID-19 ...

During the COVID-19 pandemic … I realized how fragile the human race is.

For so long mankind has been used to how everything falls into place, and according to our way and whim. But when this coronavirus hit us and the reality set in, we were scared and realized that we could be a statistic. This affects us all. Luckily for some of us, we were spared from getting sick or dying from COVID-19 and are grateful that it did not come our way.

Thoughts settled in. I wondered about time, the quality of life, and mortality while staying at home and quarantined, waiting for the COVID-19 test, which luckily turned out to be negative. I also thought about the people in our lives, as well as strangers. Human connections became so important as we socially distanced from one another.

Then I realized that all we had was time. How it is important what one does with it. Once time is spent and gone, you can’t get it back. A list of things to do for my bucket list became less important. Making amends and forgiveness for people was on the must-do-list.

I placed my hand on my heart every night before I fall asleep and ask myself. Am I alright? Am I right with God and the world? Have I done enough? It all makes sense at this time to self-examine and invite my questions and feelings in. To attempt to question my why’s and how’s in life.

During this pandemic one can use this situation to make positive changes for oneself if you choose and decide to do so. You can also find true meaning in life if you really search for it. Be your true self and don’t expect perfection from everything. Just accept and love yourself just as you are.


Lancy Lee is a graduate of Quincy College, a Business major and a happy housewife. She has a background in theater, office skills, loves life, and has good organization skills.


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