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The Story I Write

By Chandra Persaud

PROMPT — Who am I today?

I am the daughter of women





By a history that cannot be undone

For history leaves a mark

Traces in faces

In books, in songs

In the stories we tell ourselves

In the stories we pass on

I am the bearer of untold stories

The daughter of women with

Whispered truths

Muffled cries

Drowned voices

Drowned out to protect, to hide

Their most mangled parts

And so, tragedy becomes normalized

I am the knower of unknown stories

Women undocumented

Their voices undocumented too

Lost in the wind

Engulfed at sea

Their truth buried in the soil

They toiled

For they were not human beings

Only human bodies

I am the successor of multiple migrations

India to Guyana to America

The asker of the perennial question

Where is my land?

The seeker of tomorrow

Where will I land?

I am the inheritor of multiple identities

Slave worker




And it is in this role—Creator

That I become the writer

Of my own story

Not yet completed

Being authored

To honor

The women before me

And to alter

What history will say

About women like me


Chandra Persaud is a New York State licensed speech-language pathologist. When she is not improving the communication abilities of her clients, Chandra enjoys writing poetry (IG: @pieces_of_acp), short stories, and reflective pieces on topics such as love, heartbreak, identity, and self-actualization. She was born in Guyana, traces her roots to India, immigrated to the United States at the age of two, and was raised in New York City. She is passionate about voicing the stories and realities of Indo-Caribbean* girls and young women raised in the U.S. to shine light on inner conflicts and contemplation that often arise when two cultures collide. Chandra writes from Brooklyn, NY.

*women who trace their ancestry to India with recent ancestors living in the Caribbean diaspora


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