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They won't hear you

By Daun M. Wright

PROMPT — I will not rest until ...

She had her good voice but it was silenced by the terror of past experiences

An everlasting struggle to be heard in the mess of abuse

Hollering in silence she tried to be heard but the coarse, unintelligible, guttural sound coming from her was unrecognizable...that's what happens when trauma visits the human experience

There is stillness but

A life is in turmoil, cries for help in the deafening silence of the ignorance of others, in the avoidance of those in denial, in the look of apathy in the eyes of those who know the truth

She is sinking in the weight of this muteness

Hindered from speaking out loud, from seeking clarity to understanding why?

Unable to sing, not able to speak and unable to make sense that though she's hollering on the insides, she's is rendered voiceless!!!

Is this society's way of saying shut up; you cannot speak; its not your turn, you do not matter;

Who are you that we should care?

Raped no justice

Oppressed but no advocate

Abused no escape

Imprisoned no chance for rehabilitation

Single mother no support

Teen mother alone and confused

Prayed no answer

Overworked grossly underpaid

Postpartum no one knows

Tired but can't find rest

Trauma but no therapy

Suicidal and no hope

Depressed only darkness

Homeless, no shelter

Hungry but no food

She had her good voice but she dared not speak

If she did, no one would hear her, no one would believe her

Bullied into silence, by a system that ignores her and pounds her into believing

That trauma is ok, as long as she stays quiet!!

So she fixes her gaze, gathers her scattered thoughts and keeps going!!


Daun M. Wright, aka The Permissible Poet, Podcaster & Freelance Creative Writer, pens poetry that speaks to the heart of our being, while allowing each reader to reflect on their life's journey. Daun lives in London, Ontario Canada.

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