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Travel Diary

By Bhoj Kumar Dhamala

PROMPT — Who am I today?


The aircraft,

A man gets a call, and the lady

Irritated, loudly shuts up the man in calling.


Next to her,

I could not say anything

Fumbling man, stares at the lady.

A lady

Of letters,

It seemed, does not know,

The world is diverse, kind and equal to all.


Bhoj Kumar Dhamala holds an M.A, M.Phil in English Literature. He is a leading educationist, lecturer in English for undergraduate students, and the Founder Principal of Zone Academy Boarding School, Boudha, Kathmandu. He has published his articles and poems in different national and international media/journals. He is passionate about writing for social causes. He writes less, but what he writes is always meaningful. He believes one cannot be the writer just jotting down the words. He is the published author of the poetry anthology, The Selfish City. He is involved in different social organizations and has been supporting Anirudra Memorial Geriatric Home, Okhaldhunga, Nepal as Vice- Chairman. He writes from Kathmandu, Nepal.


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