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Under the moon

By Principe Guity Jr

PROMPT — What is Love?

Kissing under the

ascending moon

as it climbs

from behind

is the lover’s


It streams

in my mind, as

if I had

a river

of fantasies.

In my mind,

I yearn

for that day.

Like a sensual being,

lovely kisses

rattle my soul.

Goddess eyes

shine on me.


with a touch

of heaven.

She was a radiant rose

of my radio heart.

We were scattered

across the ocean of love

like a message in a bottle,

so we thought.

Once we got wind of each other,

We feel into love’s pool.

A Jack and Rose

type of love

that lives on forever.


Principe Guity Jr is a writer and poet. His poems are powerful and pack a punch. He has been writing since 2017. His poetry can be found in Fire and Dust’s Spirit of Fire & Dust Anthology (2022). He attends virtual and in-person open mics. To reach a wider audience, he shares his poetry on social media. When he is not reciting poetry, he spends time reading, watching YouTube videos, walking in nature, or being at home. He writes from Tacoma, Washington.


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