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By Carl Scharwath

PROMPT — What is Love?

In honor of single and all Moms Dim light paints the evening scene.

She sits alone, a single mom

With burdens akin to shadows

Always behind her in dreams deferred

Each day is a battle,

In long stretches of despair,

For her child, she tirelessly strives,

Yet the bills persist, a relentless climb.

The meager check, a fleeting friend,

Electric hums a grim reminder of bills to come

Water runs cold, a cruelly true metaphor

As warm tears fall on her child's bed

In the gaze of her baby's eyes, love ignites

Navigating storms, her spirit will clash

In her strength, a tale of resilience and will

You, the silent hero, keeping your vigil.


Carl Scharwath has appeared globally with 175+ journals selecting his writing or art. Carl has published three poetry and four photography books. He was nominated for three, "The Best of the Net Awards" (2021-23) and two different 2023 Pushcart Nominations for poetry and a short story. Carl writes from New Smyrna Beach, FL.


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