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Under You

By Doc Krinberg

PROMPT — Who am I today?

Eyes challenging

dark laughing contempt,

lapis iris holds me fast—

Caught in the riptide

of your eyes…my

needs bending to

your waves,

fading to your needs—

your domain.

On my back, lost

in the waterfall

of your hair,

your face over me.

The killing smile


Doc Krinberg is an educator, writer, poet, and retired Navy diver. He has written three novels: Polonio Pass, The Deep Slumber of Dogs, and The Winter Spider (Savant/Aignos Publishing). Doc has contributed to seven different poetry anthologies and served as lead editor for the Kindred (2018) & Entwined (2019) anthologies. His collaboration with and mentorship of 40 poets has culminated into anthologies comprised of 116 select poems.


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