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Vietnam Memories

By John L. Swainston

PROMPT—During Covid-19 ...

This poem is published on March 29, Vietnam Veterans Day. We all thought we were really cool

We had all finished AIT, our Army School,

We learned it was to late to say:

"Hell no I won't go!"

We had learned to shoot straight.

We found our need to sin,

in the streets of Saigon

We washed away that sin with gin

We were drenched by the Monsoon that

came in May and June

We all knew that some would die soon.

(AIT = Advanced Individual/Infantry Training)


John L. Swainston is an awakened writer/poet as the result of the Pandemic. He is a ember of the Writers Colony at Eureka Springs, AR and the Kansas City Mystic Poet Society. John is etired and living in Gardner, Kansas.


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