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Why am I a 28 year old Virgin?

By Aaron Curry


Ask me. Why am I a 28 year old virgin?

Growing up in an area that's promiscuous and urban.

Why, for the most part, have I only done some flirting?

Why do I skip opportunities to do the dirty?

Ask me. What do I do with all those urges?

A 28 year old Black virgin? Who's ever heard it?

Am I shy or something? Do I get nervous?

Why do I avoid sex as if I'm allergic?

I'm not. It's because I keep reading Bible verses.

Jesus said "Hold on to it. It's worth it."

I'm a 28 year old virgin because Jesus has a purpose.

Gives me strength and power to deny all of the urges.

It's only in his power. I am not perfect.

But he cleans me like laundry and detergent


Aaron Curry is from the Washington, DC area. He is a science teacher in Prince George's County Public Schools. In his spare time, he likes to watch Anime, be outside, hike, watch movies, and several other things.


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