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Your nectar

By Sandip Saha

PROMPT — What is Love?

I am amazed in your beauty

it is the touch stone to forget

the predicament in the well of life

in which I have fallen unwillingly.

Your soft face, long dense black hair

attract me with a great force

that I cannot overcome

and get lost in it.

When deprivation makes face

with ugly laughter at me

I dip in you unknowingly

to get solace from pain.

When the ruler of creation

does everything wrong

as it has no heart but a rotten head

I get relief in you a great deal.

When my poems get no reader

when editors discard my efforts

months after months no acceptance

I again find in you a great friend.

There are all ill eyes

that see only wrong

and carnal connection

I enjoy your nectar.


Sandip Saha won two awards from India and one from the USA and has published six poetry collections. He also published 126 poems in 40 journals in six countries: India, USA, UK, Australia, Romania, and Mauritius. Sandip writes from Kolkata, India.


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