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Chasing The Good Life

By Glenn Marchand

PROMPT — What is Love?

You come forth like thunder—beauty of mystery—astrology and focus. Loving has been shallow, lethal at points, dragons and monkeys and snakes. I hear laughter in flowers, sealed majesty, imperceptible magic. I feel like esoteria—the black moon—the desert seahorse. Like a miracle to have come into existence, one flawed kiss. Delicate spirit. Affectionate mystic. By maze and catacombs. Mythic intimacy—stranded sexuality—to desire with pains, the growth of emptiness; needing ecstasy, confined to discomforts, by minds painting caricatures. Often, it’s like double vision, watching the sibyl in essence; reckless thrills, trust dragged asunder, famous for our trials. Many non-signals; the mountain rises in the city; symbols come by neutrality, made unconsciously—the necessity of the fevers. Sweet numen wealth; deep dark inscription; filled with life and trepidation; in seasons the depth, lights made dim for romance.


Glenn Marchand has an M.A. in Theology from Loyola Marymount University and finished his requirements in the MFA Creative Writing program at Mount Saint Mary’s University. Marchand is an African American poet, focused on writing about existential truths, topics seeming apparent, or better, and life’s aphorisms. Marchand believes in connectivity, a mystic universe and the beauty of silence. He writes from Torrance, CA.


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