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Clothes Call

By Allan Lake

PROMPT — What is Love?

I give you avalanches of love,

attempt your language (a marathon

with hurdles), wait for you to commit

as if I were a patient man, unfriend

friends, farewell blood, drop principles

off a cliff, ditch the fedora, get sunburn

get out of town before sundown –

all manner of significant things

I have done and would do again,

my love, but you must not insist

on dressing me to look like

some imaginary love.

That’s when I jump, naked

if need be, from this worryingly

fast train.


Allan Lake is a poet who lived all over Canada and is now living all over Australia. He spreads himself around. His latest poetry collection, published by Ginninderra Press, is 'My Photos of Sicily.' It contains no photos.


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