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Sullen Joys

By Glenn Marchand

PROMPT — Joy is ...

By twinges in twilight, suffused, bewildered, and aloof from pegs; rocket wings, severed from emotion, unable to grasp her words. To fret moon sins, sunrise mistakes, making stoicism fit; through circling pangs, to float on high, too sad to enjoy miracles. On another scale, made into joys, suffering the fleeting happiness, so normal to feel uncertain grays. Silent anxiety—performing by instinct, others by advanced science—and more, trying to efface the feeling. Many miles of minutia—soreness in the laughter, precious poker-faced estrangement; souls becoming friends, finding a slither of passion, filled with expectation. Owning feelings, aside from undergoing sensations, hard to combine energies; the training of stars, by graces to have possession, with remedy demanding engrossment: the ingredient of skies, spirits, dreams.


Glenn Marchand has an M.A. in Theology from Loyola Marymount University, and finished his requirements in the MFA Creative Writing program at Mount Saint Mary’s University. Marchand is an African American poet, focused on writing about existential truths, topics seeming apparent, or better, life’s aphorisms. Marchand believes in connectivity, a mystic universe, and the beauty of silence. He writes from Torrance, CA.


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