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The Only Time the World is Perfect

By Nolcha Fox

PROMPT — Joy is ...

In miniature the world

is perfect, once a year

at Christmas time.

The train runs round

the Christmas tree,

never going off the tracks.

the plastic cattle on green felt

are never brought to slaughter.

The army men that guard the station

never have to go to war.

In the snow globe

skaters glide on ice

that never shatters.

Violence only

causes weather,

a storm that coats

the town with glitter.

Real life does not circle beauty,

Christmas lights take out the circuits,

Trains run late, they crash and jump.

Life is not contained in crystal,

skaters fall through ice and die,

violence causes more than bruises,

glitter doesn’t fall from skies.

How do I make

the miniature real,

and make it last all year?


Nolcha Fox has written all her life, starting with poop and crayons on the walls. Her poems have been published in Lothlorien Poetry Journal, The Red Lemon Review, Dark Entries, Duck Head Journal, Medusa’s Kitchen, and others. She is the author of the chapbook, My Father’s Ghost Hates Cats: Poetry for Stumbling Through Life. Nolcha writes from Buffalo, WY.


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