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5 Haiku

By Sergio Inestrosa

PROMPT — Despite ...


The dark current of

the Mississippi River.

Birds screech.


A lovely flower

from the mountain bower.

A wild wind blows.


A living water.

In his left hand a dry pen

that once had blue ink.


It is breathtaking

the beauty of Ireland.

The patience of time.


On the flower vase

A dozen of red roses.

A shell in her hands.


Sergio Inestrosa was born in San Salvador in 1957. He is a Spanish professor at Endicott College in Beverly, MA. He was named the 2006 Endicott College Faculty of the Year and frequently leads student group trips to Latin America, Costa Rica, Peru, and Mexico. When not teaching, Sergio is writing. From works of Spanish poetry to non-fiction books and fiction novels, his work has been published in both the United States and Mexico. His most recent book is Piedras para María, 2018.


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