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By Oksana N Mauricio

PROMPT — Despite ...

Hedge tight at the corner. Bairro was quiet but held a resonance in my heart.

The child I once was recollecting every last smell from guava, juiciness and mangoes on my mother’s tree. My eyes were filled with Alegria, Joy. Luanda, the place that tucked me at night in my parents home. Held my petite body sheltered from the heaviest rains. The loving affection from my father. His eagerness to protect me. Carrying me with his two African strong arms. Mesmerizing sunshine slapped my caramel brown face. Hiding the freckles in it. Adding warmth one more time. Mom is elegantly tall and does her best not to fall apart before my eyes. Father recollected himself, but destructed to part ways with his youngest daughter. I was the mere image of my father. And the embroidered spell fabric of my mother.


Oksana N Mauricio is from Angola, Africa. She’s an educator and plans to return to university in 2022 to complete her bachelor's in Biomedical Sciences. When she’s not writing, her hobbies are baking, reading, drawing, and skateboarding. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California.


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