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By Lisa Lucca

PROMPT — Despite ...

Despite the small voice inside my head I grew used to hearing since I was an outspoken child, the voice from my family that said, “That’s enough, Lisa!”, I speak up. With age, that small voice has been quieted like the pulling of a dandelion whose yellow petals have turned to fluff and are blown into the wind, a benign stem remaining as a reminder that there are thousands of its siblings waiting to raise their heads.

That voice in my head now has a stronger one that pipes up to join the chorus, a louder voice that not only shouts, “Listen!” but has sturdier roots not easily pulled up, a colorful voice that sings boldly and is eager to be heard. Even though the small voice may never be completely silenced, it does not define my song.


Lisa Lucca is the author of Ashes to Ink: A Memoir. Her work has been published in several publications and anthologies, most recently in Crone Rising. She is the co-author of the epistolary memoir, You Are Loved, with her partner, Mark. They live in the high desert of southern New Mexico where Lisa is a life coach, and hosts a weekly public radio show, Live True.


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