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LIST’D (Love Is Stronger Than Death)

By Miko Reed Collins

PROMPT — Despite ...

I love you

Beyond cancer

Beyond belief

Beyond grief

Even when I’m in disbelief

I love you

Beyond pain

I love you

Beyond defeat

Beyond choices

Splattered Heartaches

Gushing from my orifice

Scattered echos

Hearts breaking like divorces

Beyond thoughts

I love you

Love Is Stronger Than Death

I love you consistently

You know


Take note

Like mathematical memory


Like the sapphire chakra on my arm



Like fuck cancer

Let my love be the antidote

I love you like…

Like I tell myself

How I should love myself


With peace

And strength

And warmth

And patience

And grace

Like warm syrup oozing down my mamas pancakes on winter mornings

I love you like


I wish wealth and good health upon myself and you

Instead of cancer and pain and your untimely death-as if- any death is timely

But this…this death that I still love beyond

This was different…is different

This one pains and guts my soul

Tore our family apart

Bought our family together


I love you

Concrete rose

Because love is stronger than death

I weep

Took a piece of your grandsons heart

I weep

But between weeping I’m whispering

I love you

You’re no longer on this earth but I love you more than life

I hurt

And between hurting I whisper I love you

I realize

That love- (Love Dad)

Love is the only social construct stronger than death

Stronger than physical self


It is all that is left


Because love resides in your spirit that hovers above me in Angel numbers

And full moons

And clear skies opening after a rain

Hovering over the stadium of a Washington Football Team game

Like birthday numbers coming out of a midday lottery

Messiah Maintain

Pain tucked inside like bleeding funeral florals dying on my kitchen table

Cain and Able

Dripping on my words as I read childhood fables

To him

Seeping thru my arteries as I try to keep a childhood stable

For her

Beyond trust

I love you

Beyond Agape'

I love you

Embryonic Symbiosis

Because underneath it all it’s perfect dust- Everything Dad

Every little piece

It’s perfect us

A father is half of the air that their children breathe

It’s axiomatic


I love you

Beyond cancer

I love you

Beyond belief

Even when I’m in disbelief

Your hand in mine as you draw your last breath

Bequeathing your soul as it leaves your mortal self

I love you…

My Daddy, My Messiah

I love you

Beyond death


Miko Reed Collins is a native Washingtonian, retired Army Veteran, and has been writing poetry for over 20 years. She completed a spoken word album, titled Eargasms in 2002, finished her Executive Masters in Leadership from Georgetown University in 2019, and became an Amazon bestseller of her new book, Eggshells In Soft Black Hands, August 2021. She is a mom of two sweetie pies, Madison, age 16, and Mason, age 8. Miko writes from Bowie, MD.


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