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Your Reflection

By Rachel Gomez

PROMPT — Despite ...

If your reflection could speak.

The one who stares back at you.

The one who lives in many mirrors.

What stories would it tell?

How you despise the appearance of your body.

The one that carries you through this extraordinary life.

The way you hate that your skin isn't akin to your favorite Instagram filter.

How much you hate your smile lines,

Even though they’re reminders of the good times, when you swore your heart could burst from joy.

Would it remind you to nourish yourself, after you promised to never eat again.

Because of how guilty you felt after last night's dinner.

Because you dared to finally enjoy a meal without calculating calories first.

Would your reflection love you, despite the words you use to describe it.

Cutting deeper than the shards of glass from the mirror you broke after looking at your bare body.

As you laid amongst the fragments of glass, sobbing.

Your reflection cried too.


Rachel is an aspiring writer who writes for herself and anyone willing to listen. She believes that no matter how far in the world, someone may resonate with her words. She writes from Los Angeles, California.


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